#QuickTipTuesday – What To Do With All That Paint!

 When you buy a house, you often “inherit” a bunch of old paint, lawn products and other stuff the seller left.  We can assume the seller was trying to be helpful and provide you with the right color paint so you can do touch-ups, and the right yard chemicals for your new landscaping.   But for most of us, it is a nuisance! 

Watch the video here.

But I don’t want all this old paint!

  Lucky for you, Seattle has abundant solutions.   These items can be taken to any of the hazardous waste sites in town and disposed of FREE OF CHARGE!

The Common Exception:

Most homes use latex paint.  They don’t accept latex paint (they only take oil based paints) at the drop-off sites.  The solution to that problem is easier than going to the disposal site.   You can just pop off the lid of the paint and allow time to dry it out.  Once it is dry, you can throw it in the regular trash as long as you leave the lid off so the garbage collector can see that the paint has fully dried.  If you have a large amount of paint that would take forever to dry out (likely where we get the phrase “like watching paint dry”), you can mix in kitty litter with that paint and it will harden the paint quickly.

 If you have a lot of electronics (old TV’s, laptops or cell phone), Seattle also has lots of recycling centers for those items.    Check the Hazardous Waste Website for all the locations.

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