Buyer READY! – Step #7 – Choose Your Strategies

Now we get into the nitty-gritty

Watch the video here.

Information sharing is good.   That’s why we all love the internet!  I have 22 smaller strategies that my clients use to create the most compelling and winning offer.   Each offer is different, and so is each buyer.   I will share the share the first 6 of these strategies with you:

But I won’t post the remaining 16 strategies here.  First of all, I want my clients to have a strategic advantage over the other competing offers, and if I laid it all out here for the world to see, that might weaken our advantage.  My ONE goal is to get you into the house of your dreams, and if that means I have to be a bit vague here and leave out a few details to make sure your offer is the chosen one, then that is just the price we have to pay for winning.   Also, these strategies can be complex to explain, and out of context can be near impossible to understand. 

 So when you and I get down to business about writing up our offer, we will go over ALL possible strategies.   Until then, we will let the mystery of it all linger…


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