Beautiful and BRAND New in Ballard – Amanda Buys Her Dream Home!

It was love at first sight with Amanda!  She is driven, smart, beautiful and funny.  Did I mention she is driven?  With the same focus and determination she has professionally, she dove head first into the home buying process.  We saw some good, some bad and some hoarder houses.  And then we found her perfect house….

It was a brand-new, modern townhouse in Ballard.  Blocks from her best friend, close to her brother and stunning in every way possible.  She knew this townhouse was “the one”, and we put in her offer right away.  And the offer was accepted!

The process ended up being a bit difficult, but you will have to take us out for a drink to get that part of her story.  But all is well that ends well, and Amanda is now the proud and happy owner of her beautiful first home!

Congratulations lady!  I can’t wait to come over and celebrate with you once you are all moved in.

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