Happy Homeowners – The Boys of Ballard

We didn’t expect to end up in Ballard. We didn’t expect to end up in a Craftsman home. We didn’t expect to lose out on the first three houses we wanted to buy.  And we certainly didn’t expect to find the home that was perfect in every way yet nothing we thought we wanted. 

Meet Dude and Bro.   Recent transplants from San Diego, these boys knew that Seattle was the town they loved the most, and it was time to plant roots and buy a house.  These boys had a particular fondness for Magnolia and new construction townhouses.   We searched high and low.  We looked at over 50 houses.  We laughed, we argued and we took tons of silly photos.

In the end, they found the PERFECT house.  It was exactly the type of house they specifically told me they DIDN’T want.  It wasn’t new.  It wasn’t modern.  And it wasn’t in their preferred neighborhood.   But it was charming and perfectly remodeled and had the best dining room we have ever seen.  It also had space for multiple TV’s.  Gotta have space for the TV’s!

Dude and Bro are now all settled into their dreamy Ballard Craftsman.  They have a guest room, so feel free to invite yourself over ;).

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