#QTT – Bath Math!

Bath Math!

(not to be confused with bath mat)

Watch the video here.

Us real estate agents are strange creatures.  We tend to speak in a language all of our own.  Never fear!  I’m here to translate. 

Ever wonder how a home can have 1.25 baths?  Let’s solve that mystery!

A full bathroom has 4 parts:

  1. sink
  2. toilet
  3. shower
  4. bathtub

If a bathroom has all 4 of those things, it is a full bathroom.

If a bathroom just has a sink and a toilet, it is a 0.5 bath.

If a bathroom has a sink, toilet and a shower ONLY, it is a 0.75 bath.

I’ve even seen just a toilet.  No sink.  No shower.  That would be 0.25 bath.  And a bad design decision.

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