#QTT – House-Hunting is Like Dating (Valentines Day Edition)

Sometimes It ISN’T Love at First Sight

Watch the video here.

It all starts with the app.  Then you decide what you “have to have”.  Then you start swiping through the options with a swift flick of your index finger.   But WAIT.  That last one you just swiped left on really could have been the one for you.

  Am I talking about Bumble or Redfin?  Both, but for today, let’s focus on our house-hunting app of choice.   We all have that one friend that takes the perfect selfie.  That looks great in ALL his/her photos.  Same applies to houses.   Some houses have the perfect air-brushed photography that highlights all the best aspects of the house and conveniently leaves out the less desirable parts of the home.  Some houses have listing agents that don’t hire the best photographer, and the photos are lack luster and less than appealing.   Don’t judge a house by it’s photos online!

   Homes, just like people, can look, feel and smell a lot different in person than their online ads make them seem.  I’ve been to houses that had AMAZING photos, just to find out that the next door neighbor is a hoarder and the whole house smells like cat pee (my least favorite smell ever!).  I’ve also been on dates where the person I was meeting certainly didn’t live up the photos they had posted.  But that is a story best told over a cup of coffee.   I’ve been in houses that look like crap online, only to find out they had great natural light, beautiful hardwood floors and the best layout.

  We can’t judge a home JUST from the photos and descriptions online.  Let’s jump in the car and go see these houses in person.  You never know what house (or person) you will fall in love with.  Sometimes they are everything you DIDN’T know you wanted.  And if you don’t take a chance on seeing a house that doesn’t WOW you online, you may have missed out on your dream home.

<3  <3  <3  LOVE YOU   <3  <3  <3

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