Eric and Sally Win on the First Round!

These Kids Came to Play!

Some home buyers have to learn the hard way.  Others understand the data and market conditions and play to win from the start.  Eric and Sally were those kids.

We started with condos, then realized the HOA dues were no fun, and switched gears to townhouses.  We found a FANTASTIC home that was just a few blocks out of their “perfect neighborhood”, but they decided to go for it anyway.  As often happens in this crazy market, their dream home had an offer review date, and the seller had received an early offer and had decided to skip the offer review date and pick a buyer.  TODAY!

  We had mere hours to pull together an offer, but because Sally and Eric are smart, responsive and able to make important decisions quickly, we got the offer together in the nick of time and ended up being the winning offer!

Congrats kids!  Enjoy that deluxe kitchen and stunning staircase. 

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