Capitol Hill or BUST! – Sanchit Finally Finds Home

About once a year, a new client steals my heart.  For the past 6 months, Sanchit has been that client.  He is smart, kind and funny.  And he is always up for a good cup of coffee, so we often got to chat real estate over Seattles amazing cups of coffee. He finally has his dream condo now, and we are certainly happy for him, but I will miss our weekly coffee and condo-hunting dates.


It was a long road.  271 days from the first day we met to the day he got keys to his first condo.  But it was one of those really fun long roads.  The kind you dream about for your next road trip or drool over on Instagram. 

  In those 271 days we saw over 50 condos, spanning 5 different neighborhoods.  Once it became clear that Sanchit was really only going to be happy on Capitol Hill, we were able to focus and get down to business.

We found the perfect condo in the perfect building!  That perfect condo ended up accepting an offer before the offer review date, and our offer was NOT the one accepted.  This may have gotten other buyers down, but Sanchit is one tough cookie.   Luckily, two more condos came on the market in that same building, and we ended up submitting an offer BEFORE the offer review date on one of those condos and our offer was accepted!

   Sanchit wins!   He has a beautiful condo, in his ideal location, for the price he wanted to pay.   I love it when the good kids get what they want!

Thanks to Jeremy and Peter for introducing us!

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