Ballot Measures and Property Tax – How does it stack up?

Voting has gotten really popular lately… And for good reason!

  As a home owner, we pay a hefty sum in property taxes each year.  Have you ever wondered where YOUR property tax dollars go?   As of July the tax assessors office has made that information available!

  With just your address (or tax parcel ID number) you can head to:

From there you can see EXACTLY where your property tax dollars go.  Here is a peek at that distribution for a condo in my favorite Belltown building:

And in VERY timely way, you can see exactly how any current propositions that are on our most recent ballot will impact your property tax.  You can see here that if Prop 1 passes, this condo’s property tax will go down $3.68 per year.  If the prop fails, the property tax will go down $23.42 for this specific condo.

If you want to EXTRA nerdy, you can even zoom in on your neighborhood to get demographic and home value information for your exact part of town.  This was way more fun for me than it should have been….

So if you are wondering how your vote could impact your property taxes, spend a few minutes on this great new website and find out!

Watch the video here.


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