Quick Tip Tuesday – A Rare Window of Opportunity For Buyers

The video says it all:


Seize the day!

  If you have been house-hunting for awhile, and are a little burnt out or beat-up by the crazy pace of the Seattle real estate market, this is your time!  Here are the three reasons why this moment in time is more favorable to buyers that it has been in years:

  1.  Lots of options! We have 1,013 homes and 409 condos for sale at this exact moment in time.  That is MORE than we have seen since 2014, and twice as many as we had just 4 weeks ago.  More choices = less competition.
  2. Interest rates took a slight dip.  Long gone are the days of interest rates in the 3’s, but now is a good time to lock in a loan before the rates hit the 5’s.
  3. Realtors are FREAKED.  I hate to rat out my peers, but since the market has taken a swift and noticeable shift, a lot of Realtors are panicked.  When there is fear or uncertainty in the seller (or sellers agent) mind, that creates an opportunity for US to get you a place you love under some favorable terms.

Mark. My. Words.   The next 2-4 weeks will be the most favorable market conditions for buyers for the rest of 2018. 


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