Weekly Seattle Real Estate Inventory Update – 7/13/18

Stop the Presses!

We now have more homes and condos available for sale in the City of Seattle than we have had since 2014.  Tune in because we have news!

Watch the Video Here.

Single Family:


In Conclusion:

What is going on with Seattle real estate?  Why are so many people deciding to sell all at once?  And why are the new listings not all going pending in a week like they have been for years?  Is this a seasonal spike in inventory or are we beginning a new cycle in real estate?

  I feel like you expect more answers from me than questions.  Sadly, I am not a psychic and can’t predict the future.  What I CAN do is gather the data, wrap it in a pretty package and bring it to you so we can talk about it.  Let’s keep a weekly watch on the inventory together!

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