Happy Homeowner – Gretchen and the Great Remodel

Some people have vision.  Some people have guts.  Gretchen has both.

   It’s the age old tale of the Seattle real estate market beating us up.  Gretchen was ready to buy her first house (she sold her sweet condo two years ago) and was struggling to find something that was in her price range and wasn’t a disgusting mess.  After weeks of searching, she was getting discouraged.   But as my mother always says, it’s not what you know, but who you know.

  Gretchens best friends own a cute house that they gave a MAJOR overhaul to in Olympic Hills, and they happen to know that the house just two doors down (in my best Dolly Parton voice) was going to go For Sale By Owner.   Gretchen was thrilled to be able to buy a house that is on the same block as her best friends, and to not have to be in the middle of a bidding war. 

  We went for it!  A developer tried to sneak in and buy it with an all-cash offer, but the sellers really like Gretchen and the fact that she was going to fix the house, not tear it down, so they opted to sell it to Gretchen.  Everybody celebrate!  We got the house…

  The thing I failed to mention is….  This lovely house was a hoarder house.   It was bad.  This was a house that needed not only a total remodel, it almost needed therapy.  I won’t go into the gory details, but the home certainly wasn’t in very live-able condition.

Gretchen has vision and guts!   She wasn’t scared one bit.  She was so kind to the sellers when they needed a little extra time clearing out the house, and she took her time and did the extensive remodel right.   She had me over this weekend to see the (almost) finished project, and it brought me to tears.  She has made that sweet little house into a beautiful, comfortable home. So impressive!!!

I mean, LOOK at that kitchen!   Congrats lady.  I love you AND that sweet little house you brought back to life.

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