Moo-ve OVER! Jo and Ryan Conquer the Cow House

Sick of all the stories about brave home-owners putting in offers on 3-4 houses before finally getting an offer accepted?  Me too! 

(enters Jo and Ryan)

What happens when you mix two savvy and slightly jaded buyers with one overly-optimistic real estate agent?  After a little bit of shaking and stirring, those buyers end up getting the best house in the neighborhood on the first try.

I would spare you the dirty details, but there weren’t many.  We saw about 10 houses.  A few of the first houses, Jo and Ryan considered putting an offer in on.  To quote them, the houses “didn’t suck”.  Once I convinced them that really, they could do better than just “not sucking”, we got to work finding a good house.

And there it was, the Cow House.  Nestled in the cutest little pocket of Shoreline and boasting only two prior owners in the past 72 years, Ryan and Jo were actually excited about this house.  The Cow House had been lovingly remodeled, and had everything you always want but almost never find in an older house.  New roof, new wiring, new plumbing, and all of it permitted!  Unheard of!

So with very little fuss, we submitted an offer and it was accepted.  We did the inspection (of course, it went well), and coasted easily to the closing day.  Shoreline just scored a fantastic set of new neighbors, and Jo and Ryan got a beautifully updated home in a great neighborhood with a huge yard.  Win-Win!

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