Happy Homeowners – Emily and Chandler Get EXACTLY What They Wanted

 ** Que up the Mission Impossible theme song **

Those smiles say it all.  My heart could almost burst with how much I love these kids.  They are young, finally hitting their stride professionally, and just now getting to move to Seattle.   They were really realistic about what they wanted in a home, and we searched far and wide to find them a great place.   Considering the tough prices in Seattle, they had almost given up and we were exploring the cute neighborhoods that skirted Seattle.  

  It broke my heart to think of them having a 45-60 minute commute each way each day.  They may have begun to lose faith, but I never did.   And then, out of nowhere appeared a house.  In our price range.  Just 5 miles from their office.  And it is a  CUTE HOUSE!

  And so we went for it!  Since the days of offer review dates are a thing of the past, we swooped in with a full price offer and GOT THE HOUSE!   Not only did we get the house for a great price, we were even able to negotiate a new roof during our inspection period.

So these great kids got the great house.  And a 15 minute bike ride to work.  And just 10 minutes from their best friends.   It was the perfect way to wrap up 2018.   Congrats Emily and Chandler!

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