Bessie – The Dangers of an Oil Furnace

Seattle has some old houses.  And some of those old house still have oil furnaces.  Or even worse, abandoned oil tanks from an old oil furnace that has long since been replaced.

Watch the Video Here


If you still have an active oil furnace:

Great news!  If you currently have an oil furnace, you can register your oil tank with the State, and be covered, at no cost, for liability insurance should your tank start to leak.

  Head over to PLIA and register your oil tank.   As long as you register prior to any leaks, and are actively using your oil furnace, you are covered for up to $60,000 in contamination clean-up.  And the insurance costs you NOTHING!

If you have an abandoned oil tank:

  1. Check to see if the tank was officially decommissioned.  The records can be found here.
  2. Get it decommissioned.  Instead of having it physically dug up and removed, you can opt to have it emptied, triple-rinsed, and filled with sand or foam.  Once that is done, you will get your certificate of decommissioning and it will be officially recorded as a decommissioned tank.

Ignoring a Bessie won’t stop it from leaking.  Take care of that tank NOW to avoid future headaches and expensive clean-ups.


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