Happy Homeowners – Eugene and Love At First Sight!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Eugene:

This kid asks the best questions of any of my clients, ever!  He is deeply brilliant, kind-hearted and incredibly level headed.  I know I have a lot of favorites, but Eugene is certainly in the favorite club now.

And he had to deal with the most difficult of house hunting problems.  He fell in love with the very first house we saw.  Buying the very first house you see is a lot like marrying the first person you kiss.  It leaves you with a lot of “what-if” questions.   But this house really was IT.  We ventured out and saw a few other houses, but we kept coming back to the first house.  So he did it.  He bought the first house he saw!

Lucky for Eugene, he happened to buy at that brief lull we had in the real estate market, so he was able to not only get the house for less than list price (that is happening again!), but he was also able to negotiate a new roof AND a new hot water heater.  No one ever gets the seller to agree to a new hot water heater.  Eugene is just magic I guess.

Cheers to you Eugene!  You got a heckofa house for a heckofa price.  Sometimes it really is love at first sight :).

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