Happy Homeowners – Jeff and Lindsey *Third Times A Charm*

It’s almost embarrassing that y’all don’t already know Jeff and Lindsey.  This isn’t the first house they have bought.  As a matter of fact, they are part of the small and exclusive club that have bought THREE houses with Seattle Living Spaces over the years.   Because it’s Thursday, and everyone loves a throwback, let’s go back to their first home:

It was a darling little cottage in West Seattle.  They bought it as the market was heating up in 2015, and narrowly beat out several other offers.   They slapped on a fresh coat of paint, moved in and starting building their Seattle life together in the cute little house.

Have I mentioned how savvy these two are?   They own a very successful painting business and are genius business owners AND smart investors.  Even though they had started to outgrow that cute little first house, they opted to buy an investment property before getting themselves a bigger house.  So in 2017, they bought this cute triplex:

 And then this year, after much prodding from Lindsey, they finally decided to buy themselves their dream home.   They snagged an AMAZING price on a West Seattle house with postcard views and just a few short blocks from the junction.

Enjoy those views, all those bathrooms, and your instant equity!  You deserve this beautiful house and I’m looking forward to the housewarming party!!!


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