Happy Homeowners – Tracye and Scott Find The Perfect Place. On The SECOND Try.

  First of all, we have to start of by talking about how kind, how curious and sweet this family is:

This are the people you want as your neighbors.  They are good people, doing good things, and raising the cutest little lady!  And boy did they have quite the adventure finding a home.

  Scott and Tracye sold their long-time, but too-small for the growing family condo last year (at the peak of the market, congrats!), and decided to rent for a bit before buying their next place.   When they were ready to start the hunt, we went all-in, looking at lots of condos in lots of areas with some good, with some bad and with a few so scary we drove by and opted not to even go into.

  And then we found a good condo.  It was nicely remodeled, and although it didn’t check all the boxes, it DID have 3 bedrooms (rare in a condo), and really nice updates. We put in an offer on that condo, and after a little negotiations, had the offer offer accepted.  We dove right into an inspection, and that is where things got interesting.  A routine part of an inspection is to fill the bathtub to above the water-overflow hole to ensure it drains correctly.  We filled up the tub and went about the rest of the inspection….  10 minutes later, there is a very angry downstairs neighbor knocking on the front door.   Turns out the overflow drain had NOT been connected correctly and the downstairs neighbor had gallons of water coming down through their bathroom ceiling.  They were so upset with the situation, and they came and talked to us FOUR times about, and when I say talk, I mean yelled.   On one of those less than cordial visits they made, I opened the door and they threw a soaking wet roll of toilet paper at my face and demanded I bring them new toilet paper.  At the time, it was a terrible experience.  Now it is a FANTASTIC story that I will tell until the end of time.  I feel confident I’m the only person you know that has had a wet roll of TP thrown at them by a total stranger!  

   Needless to say, Tracye and Scott didn’t want to have Mr. and Mrs. Mean and Grumpy as their downstairs neighbor, so we canceled that purchase of the “Angry TP” condo and got back to the hunt!   We saw lots more condos, but then found THE ONE! 

  The One isn’t as updated as the Angry TP condo, but it has tons of the things that the buyers wanted.  It has a nice, open kitchen with lots of cabinets, it has 2 stories and large bedrooms, and a bathroom for each family member!  The complex is recently renovated and even has it’s own pond.  It is a dreamy community and a spacious condo and will be the perfect place for them to build new memories together.

Enjoy that spacious new home!  I can’t wait to see it once you have painted and gotten all moved in.   Oh, and anytime you need a dog sitter for THIS guy, I hope to be your first call.


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