Seattle Real Estate Market Recap – March 2019

Spring Has Sprung in Seattle – Both In the Sunnier Weather, the Cherry Blossom Trees AND the Housing Market.


 The median sales prices for both condos and houses ticked back up this month.  We are now back to prices for homes that we had in August of 2018 and for condos we are back to the prices of October 2018.  We saw total time on market drop for houses, but stay the same for condos.  We also have a lot more condos and houses actively for sale than we have had since late Fall.  Total number of homes sold stayed fairly steady while total number of condos sold jumped 35%.

Watch the Video Here.


Since this monthly data is almost “lagging” information, I feel comfortable predicting that April numbers will bring continued increasing median sales prices, higher sales volume, and both homes and condos selling (on average) for just a little bit above list price.  Remember, statistically the best time to sell your place in Seattle is April and May, so if you are thinking of selling, jump in NOW!

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