Quick Tip Tuesday – Recycle RIGHT

Seattle has the best intentions.  We want to reduce, reuse and recycle.  Our eagerness to recycle has actually created a recycling issue.  Why Seattle is full of “Aspirational Recyclers”, and why it is doing more harm than good:

The problem is, we are so eager to help the planet by recycling, that we recycle items that are NOT recyclable.  Industry-wide, about 20% of the items in recycling are garbage.  According to the Seattle Public Utilities website, these are the things you can recycle:

We can keep other stuff out of the trash.  SPU also has this handy graphic for how to properly dispose of other items:

  The biggest offenders causing problems at recycling plants are:

  • Single plastic bags (only bags combined together can be recycled)
  • Greasy pizza boxes (all food containers must be clean and dry)
  • Wet paper (this causes mold and ruins the whole batch)
  • Garden hoses (weird, I know.  But it came up in 3 different sources so it must be an issue!)

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