Wire Fraud – I am NOT F***ing Around With This Warning!

Let me be VERY clear.  Do NOT wire any money until    you watch this:

  There is a very BAD scam going around that is taking hard-earned money from people that are buying houses.
  Long story short, the “bad guys” have discovered that by hacking into escrow company emails, lender emails, or real estate agent emails, they can trick soon to be homeowners into wiring money to the WRONG PLACE!   You should never ever EVER follow wiring instructions sent to you via email, unless they have been properly verified by your “mean-mom” real estate agent.   Wiring instructions will also NEVER CHANGE.  If you get an email (or even a text) that tells you wiring instructions have changed, do NOT believe that message!
  Think about the giant chunk of money that is your down-payment. I bet you worked super hard to earn and save that money. And if you are not careful, it can be gone in a flash and NEVER seen again.

Watch The Video Here And Protect Yourself

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