Happy Homeowners – The Boys Revive Grandmas House

No seriously.  We are talking about GRANDMAS house.  The sign at the front walkway said it all:

But before we talk about the house, let’s talk about the boys.  Leon and Erin are longtime friends of mine, and it was so exciting to get to be the one to help them find their next home.  Leon is one of those people that just has the best design sense.  The kind of person that could have his own HGTV show, and that I would trust to design my bathroom remodel.  Since we all knew that Leon was going to do a full remodel on just about any house he bought, we decided to hunt for houses that really needed to be improved.

  So hunt we did.   And it didn’t take long to find the right house.  Luckily, the market isn’t as white-hot as it was last year, and the particular house Erin and Leon fell in love with was the kind of house that most folks would overlook.   The house had the same owner for over 40 years, and it was really obvious that zero improvements had been made over the last 40 years.  This house still had what I would lovingly refer to as “Brady Bunch charm”.   It also had a lifetime of Grandmas stuff packed in the garage in the outbuilding.  This little old lady certainly wasn’t a dull woman!

Offer submitted and accepted!  We even managed to negotiate some concessions to pay for a new roof.  The rest of the process didn’t go as smoothly.  We had court dates, elderly seller, warring children and a pesky title issue.  It was a nail biter of a few weeks, but it all worked out in the end.

Leon and Erin now have the keys to this fantastic MCM gem of a house.  They have already started demo and have the entire remodel mapped out.  I’ve never seen new homeowners move so quickly and with such detailed plans.   Good luck on the remodel boys.  If you get rid of these light fixtures, I call first dibs:


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