Tool Libraries – Check It Out!

Do you need a specific tool to finish a home improvement project?   Do you need some yard tools to do a one-time taming of your overgrown yard?   Do you not want to have to buy these tools since you won’t use them often or have no place to store them?  Then we have a solution for YOU!

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Let’s Talk About the Tool Library!

  Seattle has 5 tool libraries:

  1. Ballard Tool Library
  2. West Seattle Tool Library
  3. Southeast Seattle Tool Library
  4. Northeast Seattle Tool Library
  5. Capitol Hill Tool Library

Although each branch is independently operated, they all have the same principle.  If you need a tool, they likely have it and would love to let you borrow it.  Run by mostly volunteers, the helpful folks at the tool libraries can help you decide what tool will work the best for you, help you locate it, and even help you understand how to use it.  Some locations even offer classes, like chainsaw safety, to the general public.  

  Let’s re-tile those floors, trim those trees, and sand those hardwood floors.  All without having to buy, maintain and store a bunch of tools you might never use again.  Cheers to the tool libraries!!!

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