Seattles “Newest” Neighborhood

You have driven past it one hundred times, but likely never even knew it was there.  Tucked behind the Whole Foods complex in Interbay is a 25 acre parcel that is currently used by the National Guard to store emergency response vehicles.  The National Guard has deemed that Seattle traffic is so bad, that it is no longer logistically sound to use this location to store emergency vehicles.

Watch the Video Here.

Imagine the possibilities!  We have a chance to get it right from the start.  I daydream of a beautiful blend of apartments, condos, townhouses and single family homes with small retail, doggie and human daycare, and cute little dry-cleaner all in one new urban village.   With the close proximity to the future light rail and current position on the Rapid Ride, this area is ideal for adventures in mixed use and density.   I’m so optimistic and excited about what this 26 acre parcel can become!

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