Weekly Seattle Real Estate Inventory Update – 7/19/19

Did you miss me?!?!?!

For the next few weeks, we are going to old school.  Back to our roots.  The good old days.   The days before I did videos or had fancy charts.  Back when I was a relentless blogger.   

So let’s get into the inventory update, shall we???

Single Family Houses:


   At this exact moment, we have 1,514 homes for sale.  That is fewer that the 1,530 homes that we had for sale at the end of June.  Sadly, we don’t have any data from the first two weeks of July.  So we can’t really do the week-over-week comparison this time, but we can slide right back into that next week.  We have been above 1,500 since 6/21, and it looks like we are going to continue to hover around that number.

   We had 286 homes hit the market this week, and 105 homes go pending. 105 homes pending is the second lowest number for any week since February.  Low pending numbers could just be a sign of the traditional seasonal slowdown, since we saw pending numbers decline in a similar pattern last year.

How long have these homes been on the market?  GREAT QUESTION!!!!

0-14 days = 28.3%

15-30 days = 18.2%

31-60 days = 25.2%

61+ days = 28.3%

  We have a dead tie between the Crusty Rusties and the Runway Models.  



That’s a lot of condos!  But is fewer condos than we saw in early June.   We had 106 new listings come on the market (we have been bouncing between 95-115 per week), and we had 43 condos go pending (a nice tick up from the 33-34 average we had over the month of June).

  Condos are holding really steady.  We aren’t seeing as much of a slump (or change in behavior) with condos as we are seeing with houses.

How long have those 729 condos been on the market???

0-14 days = 22.6%

15-30 days = 14.4%

31-60 days = 24%

61+ days = 38.9%

The Crusty Rusties clearly have the upper hand.   And our 31-60 day category is the second largest, leading me to believe that the condo inventory continues to age and that the Crusty Rusties will continue to grow as the dominant “age group”.


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