When is the Best Time of Year (Statistically) To Buy a Home?

Right NOW is the Best Time To Buy a House

  I hesitate to even say this.  It seems like us Realtors are always telling you that now is a great time to buy.  Or sell.  And it seems confusing.  But you know me, I live and die by the data.  And the data is telling us that no matter how hot, cool, or cold the Seattle real estate market is or has been, the last few weeks of August and the first few weeks of September are the best time to be buying a home.

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In absolutely every year for the last the last 10 years (as far back as the NWMLS stores data), the month of September has had the most number of total available homes for sale.   September also happens to be the month where the number of pending sales (our strongest indicator of buyer demand) drops.  So that means we have the largest discrepancy between supply and demand in September.   And supply and demand is everything!


   So combine the greatest excess of supply, couple it with record low interest rates, and you have a rare window to really score a great home at a good price.   Wake up buyers.  NOW is your time!

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