Mission POSSIBLE! Grace and Mike and the Perfect School District

  Each person that buys a house has one driving factor, and one non-negotiable.  Some people MUST have 2 bathrooms, some people MUST have off-street parking, and for Grace and Mike, they MUST buy a house in a very specific elementary school district.

  Just like most first-time buyers, Grace was nervous about the process.  In looking over the last 6 months of sales of houses in this exact school district, not a lot of homes had come up for sale in our price range.  I knew it was going to be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, but I love a good challenge and Grace and Mike were prepared to be along on the hunt for as long as it took to get a house in this area.

  Well it did NOT take long.   Our first week of “real house-hunting” (meaning we had gotten our loan approval done and knew exactly what we could and would want to spend), we found the house.

Imperfect in all the right ways!   It was in our desired school district.  It had 3 bedrooms AND a bonus room.  It even had a shed out back that would make a great place for Grandpa to hang out in.  And it was under our budget!!!

So we did it!  We put in an offer (the house had only been on the market for 2 days!), and our offer was accepted.   Our inspections found some pesky sewer line issues, and we even got the sellers to help us pay for those repairs.   It really was a great experience for everyone involved.  Grace and Mike get to do cosmetic updates to make the house their home, and Xavi gets to go to his perfect new school.

Congrats family!  I can’t wait to see the house once you have done your updates and gotten settled in <3.

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