Ramona FINALLY Gets Her Dream Yard

Readers, please meet Ramona:

Ramona was adopted by Rachel and Chris, and up until a few weeks ago, has lived her life in a very cool townhouse.  But she wanted a yard.  She didn’t want any run-of-the-mill yard, she wanted a yard that she could run laps and sunbathe and explore in.   So after much begging, she finally got her parents to sell that yardless-townhouse and buy her a house with a proper yard!




Much to Ramonas delight, she not only got the yard of her dreams, but a really great house to go with it.   She has room to lounge and gaze out onto her yard, room to nap and room to keep her humans company wherever they go in the house.



And holy moly, did Ramonas parents have to fight to get her this dream house.   Even in this shifting market, we ended up in a competitive market situation.  It was us and another offer, both willing to pay the exact same for the house.   It ended up being a few key details that made us the winners over the other offer.    Rachel and Chris had a FANTASTIC local lender, and I had a friendly relationship with the listing agent.  Combine those factors with the fact that Chris and Rachel were so organized, responsive and did everything right, it all combined together to be the winning recipe that got them the house! 

 Ramona is now one happy girl!   Her parents seem to like the new house too.   

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