Watch out Westwood Village – Cody and Donald are Moving In!

Dreamy.  Funny.  Smart.  Sarcastic.  AND handsome.   This couple really has it all.

These two did not waste any time!  We met over coffee, and were lucky enough to hit it off right way.   Donald and Cody are hilarious, a bit sarcastic and really excited to get to the house-hunting.   They wasted no time getting pre-approved for their mortgage (did I mention that the lender said these two were some of the most responsive and organized clients she has ever had?!?), and we got right out there and looked at some houses.

  As often happens, we started off excited, but saw some less than exciting houses.  In love, life and house-hunting, we often have to kiss a few frogs before we find “the one”.   And we did find the one, but we actually passed it over the first time it appeared in our online search.  Since we had a few houses to see on rainy Saturday, we decided to add this little Westwood Village house to the tour, even though Donald and Cody seemed a bit meh about it, at least from the photos online.

  And it was love at first sight!   The home was in the ideal location, was much more spacious than we had expected, had tons of storage and a huge, fully fenced yard for Bosco.  I made the boys sleep on their decision, but we met the very next morning for brunch to go over our offer.

   They got the house!  The whole process went so smoothly, and all parties involved were happy.  The boys just finished the interior repainting and are fully moved in.   Enjoy that darling house kids!!!

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