Emmy and Rob – Third Time is a Charming House with VIEWS

   You think buying your first house is stressful?!?!?   Try buying your NEXT house.   Emmy and Rob can tell you all about it.

  Emmy and Rob bought their sweet Ballard house 6 years ago.   They were recently engaged and ready to start a life together.  Buying the Ballard house was a HUGE step, and a big financial commitment.  To say that we looked at a lot of houses and went over a lot of financial spreadsheets would be an understatement.  But they bought they house, and loved it!  They also took what I consider to be the ugliest backyard ever into a peaceful, stunning outdoor oasis.  But this isn’t a blog about that first house.

  Emmy and Rob are now Emmy+Rob+Mel (pictured below)+Fitz+Sir Pounce (the two black cats).   All those additions to the family have made the Ballard house now feel WAY too small for their growing family.   So they had to make the hard decision to start looking for a bigger and better house. 

So it was off to find their dream home.   Buying a dream home is a lot different than buying your first home.  Your first home is exciting and scary and you are pretty sure you won’t be there forever.   Your dream home is a different story.  You are now a seasoned home-owner and know what you do and don’t like about how a house lives.  You know that hot water heaters and furnaces and old windows can be a costly hassle to replace.  You know that you DO want covered parking and a fenced yard.  And you also are spending a lot more money, and emotionally committing to a house for a much longer amount of time.

  When are spending the big bucks and staring down 15+ years of living in a home, you have different criteria. You know what your must haves and want to haves are.  You know where you can improve a house to make it what you really want compared to dealing with structural elements that prevent you from living in the house the way you want to.   Keeping all that in mind, we set off on the hunt for Emmy and Robs dream house.  We saw about 20 houses.  We found one we LOVED but wasn’t sure if we wanted to pay the price it was listed at.  We spent weeks analyzing the potential value of the home, the new monthly payments and tons of other data that was in one of our many spreadsheets.  We dragged our feet a little too much doing our analysis, and ended up putting in an offer only to be beaten out by a different buyer.   That taught us to be a bit more decisive and quick moving the next time around.  Then we found ANOTHER amazing house.  It was more than we wanted to spend, so we were letting it rack up some days on market before we submitted a low offer.   But before we could submit that low offer, the house went pending and sold.   Second bust on this house-hunting adventure.

  Then we found THE house.  It had just hit the market.  We wrangled our busy schedules and got out to see it right away.  Then Emmy and Rob went into recon mode and “innocently” visited the open houses. Real estate agents love to chat, and Emmy was able to get all sorts of great info out of the listing agent that we were able to use to our advantage in negotiations.  We put in an offer within 4 days of that house hitting the market, and our offer was accepted!  Using the info Emmy gathered at the open house, along with a few inspection findings, we were able to negotiate a bit of credit from the seller.  Could it be that Emmy and Rob got an amazing house at a good price in a great neighborhood??  Third time is a charm πŸ™‚

Dream house it is!   This house has plenty of space.   The master suite is everything they wanted and more, and they even got the water view they had wanted but were afraid they couldn’t find.   The house needs some updates, and Emmy and Rob are already knee deep into totally remodeling all 3 of the bathrooms.  One those bathrooms are done, they will have a house that is perfect for living, entertaining AND having guests.   Congrats kids!  You earned this and I am so happy for you.  I bet you have your housewarming party before Joe and Jenna πŸ˜‰


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