Seattle Real Estate Trends – Episode 32 – 9/27/20

The data shows we may be starting to ease into the Fall slowdown


Fewer houses, yet more condos came on the market this week.  Buyer demand also declined for houses, but had a slight uptick for condos:

The most shocking thing that happened this week was that we finally have over 1,000 condos for sale!  In the City of Seattle, right now, if you are trying to sell a condo, you statistically have a 3% chance of getting an offer.  Those are not odds that any condo seller likes.  But buyers, LISTEN TO ME…. It has never been a more favorable time to buy a condo.  If you have been wanting to buy a condo, and can realistically hold it for 5 or more years, now is a great time to buy.


Watch the Video HERE


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