Watch out Westwood Village – Cody and Donald are Moving In!

Dreamy.  Funny.  Smart.  Sarcastic.  AND handsome.   This couple really has it all.

These two did not waste any time!  We met over coffee, and were lucky enough to hit it off right way.   Donald and Cody are hilarious, a bit sarcastic and really excited to get to the house-hunting.   They wasted no time getting pre-approved for their mortgage (did I mention that the lender said these two were some of the most responsive and organized clients she has ever had?!?), and we got right out there and looked at some houses.

  As often happens, we started off excited, but saw some less than exciting houses.  In love, life and house-hunting, we often have to kiss a few frogs before we find “the one”.   And we did find the one, but we actually passed it over the first time it appeared in our online search.  Since we had a few houses to see on rainy Saturday, we decided to add this little Westwood Village house to the tour, even though Donald and Cody seemed a bit meh about it, at least from the photos online.

  And it was love at first sight!   The home was in the ideal location, was much more spacious than we had expected, had tons of storage and a huge, fully fenced yard for Bosco.  I made the boys sleep on their decision, but we met the very next morning for brunch to go over our offer.

   They got the house!  The whole process went so smoothly, and all parties involved were happy.  The boys just finished the interior repainting and are fully moved in.   Enjoy that darling house kids!!!

Pennys Property

If you can’t tell by now, I like dogs a lot more than I like people.  And helping my favorite people buy a house for their dog is my favorite story to tell.

Miss Penny (above) has been happily living in a Northgate condo since her mom, Anna, adopted her a few years ago.    But as most of us do, Penny started to have hopes and dreams of a bigger home and a yard of her own.  Since her parents are so awesome, they decided to follow Pennys dreams and buy a big house and yard for everyone!

Penny and her parents are now happily settled into their forever home with a yard SO BIG, that Penny can get lost in it.    Congrats on the new house kids, enjoy that beer at the local dog-friendly brewery!


Ramona FINALLY Gets Her Dream Yard

Readers, please meet Ramona:

Ramona was adopted by Rachel and Chris, and up until a few weeks ago, has lived her life in a very cool townhouse.  But she wanted a yard.  She didn’t want any run-of-the-mill yard, she wanted a yard that she could run laps and sunbathe and explore in.   So after much begging, she finally got her parents to sell that yardless-townhouse and buy her a house with a proper yard!




Much to Ramonas delight, she not only got the yard of her dreams, but a really great house to go with it.   She has room to lounge and gaze out onto her yard, room to nap and room to keep her humans company wherever they go in the house.



And holy moly, did Ramonas parents have to fight to get her this dream house.   Even in this shifting market, we ended up in a competitive market situation.  It was us and another offer, both willing to pay the exact same for the house.   It ended up being a few key details that made us the winners over the other offer.    Rachel and Chris had a FANTASTIC local lender, and I had a friendly relationship with the listing agent.  Combine those factors with the fact that Chris and Rachel were so organized, responsive and did everything right, it all combined together to be the winning recipe that got them the house! 

 Ramona is now one happy girl!   Her parents seem to like the new house too.   

Mission POSSIBLE! Grace and Mike and the Perfect School District

  Each person that buys a house has one driving factor, and one non-negotiable.  Some people MUST have 2 bathrooms, some people MUST have off-street parking, and for Grace and Mike, they MUST buy a house in a very specific elementary school district.

  Just like most first-time buyers, Grace was nervous about the process.  In looking over the last 6 months of sales of houses in this exact school district, not a lot of homes had come up for sale in our price range.  I knew it was going to be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, but I love a good challenge and Grace and Mike were prepared to be along on the hunt for as long as it took to get a house in this area.

  Well it did NOT take long.   Our first week of “real house-hunting” (meaning we had gotten our loan approval done and knew exactly what we could and would want to spend), we found the house.

Imperfect in all the right ways!   It was in our desired school district.  It had 3 bedrooms AND a bonus room.  It even had a shed out back that would make a great place for Grandpa to hang out in.  And it was under our budget!!!

So we did it!  We put in an offer (the house had only been on the market for 2 days!), and our offer was accepted.   Our inspections found some pesky sewer line issues, and we even got the sellers to help us pay for those repairs.   It really was a great experience for everyone involved.  Grace and Mike get to do cosmetic updates to make the house their home, and Xavi gets to go to his perfect new school.

Congrats family!  I can’t wait to see the house once you have done your updates and gotten settled in <3.

* SOLD* Industrial Modern Townhouse in a DREAMY Beach Location

Industrial Modern Beach Life

Urban convenience meets relaxed beach vibes


Watch the Video Here.

2377 Harbor Ave SW Seattle, WA 98126

MLS #1505945    Listed at $690,000

Home Features:

  You can have the best of both worlds.   Relax after work on your commute home on the West Seattle water taxi.  Open the doors to your fresh, bright and modern townhouse.   In a central location, yet tucked behind the street, this townhouse both draws you in and encourages you to go out.
  Invite friends over for a delicious meal in your open kitchen, or host a movie night in the over sized second living room.  Let the sunshine and vibrant beach scene draw you out to Alki.  You are less than a mile from the best of the beach, with coffee, donuts, dining or adventure at every turn.
  End each day and start each morning in the spacious master suite.  From the walk in-closet, to the heated floors in the bathroom, this space feels luxurious.   Step out on to your private patio that has sweeping views of the Seattle skyline and the Sound.  The remote controlled curtains in the master bedroom allow you to let the light in without ever stepping foot out of bed.
  Who said you can’t have the best of city life while still living that beachy and relaxed lifestyle?  They obviously never met THIS home.


Why I LOVED Living Here:

– Since we are set back from the street, it is surprisingly quiet here.
– Laying in bed and watching the ferries go by.
– Air Conditioning.  Seriously.  I’m never living without it again.
– This home has a surprising amount of storage and big closets.
– Quick walk to the water taxi.  It is the best commute EVER!
– The main level was great for hosting.  Friends loved coming over for dinner then taking a walk down to the beach.
– Did we mention the beach?  


About the Neighborhood:


The Fine Print:

– 2 bedrooms, 2.25 bathroom
– 1,730 square feet
– No HOA dues
– 2019 annual taxes $5,768
– Attached garage
– Sold on 11/26/19 for $690,000