Happy Homeowners – Melanie and Marc!

Melanie and Marc are two of the smartest, most detail oriented and wonderfully social people I know.  We have had a fun ride over the last six months checking out condos in almost every building in Belltown.  We wanted to find a two bedroom condo, in a building with a great rooftop deck and a well run association.  We found all of that AND a condo that has two designated parking spaces (about as rare as a mall Santa in April).


Trick AND Treat – Happy Home Seller Seth

Some home sales go by without so much as a glitch, and others are prone to hitch after hitch.  Seth and I had a long road (we listed his home on May 2nd), and today, he finally closed on the sale of his condo.  Seth will miss the amazing lake views and the convenience of living so close to everything, but he is now happily living on the peninsula with his new dog.

Cheers to you Seth.  Thank you for weathering the storm.  Enjoy your retirement and long motorcycle rides along all those country roads!

Happy Seth

Happy Homeowners – Max!! (and Zjook too)

Max is the kind of kid (and when I say kid, I mean great young adult) that you can’t help but fall in love with.  He is energetic, outgoing and full of life.  His enthusiasm for just about everything is contagious and he has the type of personality that everyone is drawn to.  We first met in October of 2012 through a mutual friend Emil.  From the first moment I met him, I knew we were in for quite the adventure, but in the best way possible.

As is typical with most first time buyers, Max wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted.  We looked at everything from extreme fixer-uppers in Kirkland to super modern studios in South Lake Union to cookie cutter condos in Bellevue.  What really impressed me about Max was his ability to find the good in almost every condo we saw.  His eyes would light up as feverishly paced back and forth through each condo, pointing out how great this was and how great that could be.  His zest for life spilled over graciously into his hunt for his first home.

As we continued our home search, the market heated up.  Poor Max had to go through two failed offers.  But he never lost his excitement.  After each offer that we didn’t get, Max would quickly brush himself off and get right back to the hunt.  He was determined to get the right place and even when I started to get discouraged, he kept us both positive and headed in the right direction.  And then, out of nowhere, and in a neighborhood we had never even explored, we found Max’s new home.


It was a stunning art deco condo in the heart of Queen Anne.  It had tons of space, gleaming hardwood floors and tons of natural light.  It was quirky and needed a bit of updating, but Max just knew that it was the perfect condo for him.  We ended up in a multiple offer situation, but with some crafty choices on our part and great communication, we were victorious.  Max closed on his new home (finally) on March 19th, 2013.  Just shy of our 6 month mark of working together, I proudly turned over the keys to Max for his new life.

Since moving in, Max has really made the place shine.  He still has more room than he knows what to do with, but the recent addition of his great dane puppy has helped him make the condo feel more like home.  Max and Zjook are finally all settled in and enjoying their new home.  Cheers to you Max!

Happy Homeowners – The Egees!

Congratulations to The Egees!  This amazing couple got the keys to their brand new home last week.  The Egees had a particularly long and hard road to finding the perfect house, but in the end it worked out better than any of us could have hoped for.

The Egees (Drew and Kalee) are the modern day version of Ward and June Cleaver.  They are the couple that all other couples aspire to be like.  They love each other, enjoy nothing more than spending time together, and never say a bad word about anyone.  They have two kitties, Tom Spencer and RhinoBat, that make even this cat skeptic fall in love with them.  All in all, Drew and Kalee are two of the most wonderful people I have ever met.

We started our house hunt in the middle of cold and dark January.  After seeing only five condos, the Egees found the perfect condo in Eastlake and promptly wrote an offer.  The offer was just as quickly accepted as it was offered, and we were thrilled to be on the way to getting them into their first home.  Except for one small fact — the condo the Egees fell in love with was a short sale.  I could write a novel on the heartache and headache that this short sale caused us.  Long story short, after waiting eight months to get lender consent and never hearing a single word from the banks, the Egees decided to start looking again for a home to call their own.

We must have seen twenty homes and gone out looking four or five different days.  Just as we were starting to lose faith, we decided to look one more time.  And then we found it.  The perfect house!  A big house in Greenwood with designer upgrades and an amazing floor plan.  This house has everything the Egees ever wanted and more.  From the dining room that is perfect for their antique table, to the oversized master suite with a reading nook, to the fireplaces (one gas, one wood burning) to the double shower heads in the master bath, we knew this was the place that the Egees would call home.  We submitted an offer, that offer was accepted the same day, and thirty-one days later, The Egees moved into their new home.   A perfect home for the perfect couple.  To make the experience even more amazing, the sellers left a handwritten note for the Egees sharing with them the best local spots to eat, drink and enjoy.  The sellers even left two beers in the fridge so the Egees could celebrate their first night in the home.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Stay tuned for stories and photos of the housewarming party.