It is NOT business as usual, and it may likely not be again for a long time.

Let’s talk about the new normal.

Watch the video here.

How the Seattle Living Spaces Family is operating in our current environment:

Phase 1:  The Meet and Greet

  I used to insist that for every new client meeting, we would meet over a cup of coffee.  As regulations continue to soften, that may become allowable, but for many, it may not be preferable.  Now we get to meet digitally!   I send you a calendar link and you pick the time that is best for you for our virtual meeting.  We can choose to FaceTime, to schedule a Zoom call, to connect via Facebook Messenger video chat, or go old-school and chat on the phone.  

Phase 2:  Market Knowledge

  An educated buyer or seller is A successful buyer or seller.  From the comfort of your couch, we will get you set up with the foundations that are essential to your real estate transaction.


  • Decide on your search engine platform.  Do you like Redfin?   Think Zillow is your go-to?   Want to use HomeSnap and unlock the extra nerdy details?  We use this time to discuss the pros and cons of each site, set you up with your go-to platform, and customize our process for sharing homes with each other.
  • Talk money!  Create a partnership with a fantastic lender and get your pre-approval process started.  Learn what your options for loan types are, what price range of home you want to search in, and what your potential new mortgage payment will look like.  If you don’t have a lender you love, I can give you 4 great options and connect you with them.
  • Educate yourself on the market!  Tune in to my weekly and monthly real estate update videos, and sign up for the monthly newsletter. 


  • Make your action plan.   Will you be living in the home while it is on the market?   Are you able to move out while the home is on the market?  
  • Educate yourself on the market.  Tune in to my weekly and monthly real estate update videos, and sign up for the monthly newsletter.
  • Show me your house!  We can do this in-person (while maintaining at least 6 feet distance, which can be hilarious when looking at bathrooms or smaller rooms), or you can take me on a video tour using Facetime, Zoom or Facebook Messenger video chat.

Phase 3:  Officially In or On The Market


  • Time to see these potential houses.   We can “tour” the homes in several ways:
    • I go to the home and give you a LIVE, personalized video tour of the home using our preferred video platform from step #1.  We can zoom in, look all around, and you can ask specific questions and have me revisit any part of the home.   This will keep you safe at home but give you a much better understanding of the look, layout and feel of the home.
    • An old-fashioned, in-person showing.   Guidelines for this continue to evolve, but we will use all the latest physical distancing and safety measures.  I am stocked up on gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.  We can navigate the house together, although we may need to be in different rooms to keep an appropriate distance, we can still be there together.


  • Every seller I represent gets expanded marketing materials to help showcase your home when the buyers are not able to physically be there.   Some of our additional marketing elements right now are:
    • Matterport 3D tour for every home.  See an example here.
    • Custom videos of the home.  One will be unbranded and be an extended video tour of the home.  The second video will be an intentionally quirky video featuring your home and surrounding neighborhood that we use on social media to generate interest and buzz about your home.
    • Facebook LIVE open house.  A one-hour, live and unedited video that will allow potential buyers to ask us real-time questions about your home, and will offer us the ability to showcase your home to an expanded audience.

In Conclusion:

  It is still possible to navigate real estate right now.  We get to do a bit more upfront research, but many of the basics stay the same.   So let’s plug in, connect, and make our personalized plan.