• Where do I start?

    Have me over! Yes, I just invited myself over, but I can't give you an estimate of your home's value or any guidance on a plan without meeting you and seeing your home first. You can show me all the things that make your home special. Every home is special, and by having me over and detailing what you love about your home and all the great things you have done to improve and maintain it, the better guidance I can give you.

  • How do I know what my house is worth?

    This is my favorite part! Since you have given me a tour of your place and we know all the great things about it (that will bring you more money!), I can really dig into the data and see what your hyper-local market is doing and how your home stands out from the others. I will drown you in data (if you want it) about the overall Seattle real estate market, the activity in your specific neighborhood, and how your home's value compares with other sold homes nearby. We look at that data together and use it to determine the fair market value of your home.

  • What do I have to do to get ready to sell my house?

    That all depends on what our selling strategy is. We can do as little as nothing, and price it at an amount that reflects the current condition, or we can go as wild as to strategically plan the upgrades and repairs you will do that will bring you the highest return on investment. It depends on where your priorities are and what your timeline is. Each seller has a different situation and therefore a different plan for how they want to get the home ready to go up for sale.

  • Don't you mostly work with buyers? Why should I choose YOU to help me sell my home?

    We DO mostly work with buyers. And we think that actually makes us amazing listing agents. Since we are very selective with the people and homes that we choose to represent, that means we can give you the highest level of service, communication and representation. And as agents that work with buyers day in and day out, we know EXACTLY what buyers are looking for, what turns them off, and what they are willing to pay extra for. We leverage that knowledge to help you create the plan that will attract the best buyers for YOUR specific home.

  • How will you market my home?

    Every home is different, but EVERY home deserves excellent marketing. No matter if you have a $250,000 condo or $900,000 home, we make sure that EVERY home we list gets high quality marketing materials. Professional photography, gorgeous fliers, heavy social media marketing, open houses and direct mailings are just a few of the tricks up our sleeve. When we walk through your house with you, we can discuss what strategies will help you best sell YOUR home.

  • Can't I just sell my home myself?

    You sure can! But since you are here, we don't think you really want to. When you choose to work with Seattle Living Spaces, you get an advocate to help you get your house ready, determine the best price and marketing strategy and manage the process from our first meeting until the day you get the funds from the sale of your home. And beyond. We would love you to be a part of our family for years to come. Selling your home with a professional both takes the hassle out of the process AND puts more money in your pocket at the end of the day. We are worth the fees you incur. And we love to show you why!

  • I'm in! How do we get the process started?

    So glad you asked! Drop us a line (call/text/email), and invite us over. Let's make this plan together.

Ready to Get Started?