“Bottom line: You’d be hard pressed to find a professional as skilled at her work and as genuinely committed to the happiness of her clients as Christy. Christy was not simply my ‘Agent’; she was a trusted adviser whom I was thrilled to give my business to…something I look forward to repeating in the future. Regarding any type of transaction, there are few people I would so confidently recommend to family and friends as Christy.

By the time I met Christy I had engaged with well over a dozen Agents, all sharing a commonality that truly aggravated me. First I was asked the same two questions: What’s your price range and where do you want to live? I then peeked at a few condos (generally outside my stated range) and asked, “How do you like it?” In most cases it wasn’t clear why I was looking at the place at all. From this it was evident the Agents cared less about what was truly important to me and more about the sale. In my eyes, a good Realtor is one that cares about my happiness while carrying the sale through.

As mentioned before I worked with over a dozen Agents before meeting Christy. Despite low expectations set by previous experiences, the initial discussion with Christy left me feeling relieved and excited. A few notes about Christy from our first discussion:

maxandchristy1) Particularly knowledgeable and well-read on the areas I was interested in (Southlake, Belltown, Cap Hill, Queen Anne, etc.). Extremely honest about the parts of town she’s not too familiar with and made a point to tell me.

2) Took the time to REALLY listen and digest what I was looking for. Based on this she told me what I would reasonably spend in any given area;

3) Full of energy, humor, optimism, and patience.

Christy promised never to sell me a condo that “I didn’t love”…she wasn’t kidding. Unbelievably, she stuck with me for over 5 months (5 MONTHS) and showed me more than 20 units until I finally found a place I loved. Not only did she uphold my first impressions of her, but continued to outdo herself. She worked with integrity and consistently delivered on promises in a timely fashion. For the duration of our search it was always clear why I was shown each condo, and there was absolutely no up selling, rushing, or pushing. Christy cared about my satisfaction in a way that can doubtfully be paralleled and she remains a good personal friend to this day.

With the utmost confidence that you’ll be thrilled with the results, I recommend you choose Christy Kinnaird to represent you in your search for a home.”

Thank you, Christy!

Max Levi, Queen Anne



“As a single lady wrapped up in her tech job (as many seattleites are), I had no idea how to navigate the real estate market. The terminology, the mortgage stuff – it was all immensely foreign to me. Not only did I not have a clue as to where to start in terms of buying my own condo, I was also juggling part-time school, a full-time job and both a nightmare roommate and landlord situation.

karenEnter: Christy Kinnaird. Not only was she instrumental in connecting me with the best mortgage broker I could have asked for among other resources, but she was the calm in the storm during some rough days for me – carefully searching for potential homes for me while also reiterating different aspects of homes and features that I should consider as we viewed condos.

Without Christy, her adroit knowledge of the market, positive attitude and deft organization skills, there is no way I would be a homeowner today. Even when I found the condo that was the ‘one’, without Christy’s know how and quick instincts, it is something that never would have come to fruition. With the level of market competition, Christy took charge and expertly guided me as we navigated the process of making an offer; she fully explained all my options, put complex paperwork in layman’s terms for me and made sure we got my offer in as soon as possible – and only an offer that I was 100 percent comfortable with.

I would highly recommend Christy to anyone, whether you are new to home buying or not. With all of Christy’s experience, comes a wealth of knowledge and connections that are priceless in the arena of home buying. However, besides all of her skills, her down-to-earth-ness and compassion for her clients is what really makes her a most excellent realtor and person.”

-Karen Kirr, Fremont



“Prepared Kinnaird: A Love Poem By The Alexanders:
A girl meets a boy and a boy meets a girl
They fall in love and their lives interwhirl
A new life begins and they plan as they twirl
Now they’ve got to find them a house!For their first home purchase the two were both scared
To venture out in that market, neither had dared
How could they and their dream house e’er be paired?
They tried a Google Search!They located two numbers: Christy’s and one more
Christy called back quickly and built good rapport
They met her soon after and (praise be to Thor)
They now had a Real Estate Agent!Immediately they noticed that this agent — she cared!
Like a wonderful big sister, her knowledge she shared
To every meeting she was early, and always prepared
In short, she rocked off their socks!For months she worked hard to find them a home
All over the fair city of Seattle they’d roam
They scoured that city with a fine-toothed comb
At long last they found a match!‘Twas the perfect home, no other compared!
Thus started a bidding war — would their bid be spared?
Christy won over the seller as a “pleasant pest,” she declared
Her persistence procured them their house!

2013-04-02 11.13.31Soon thereafter, a housewarming party she threw
For the benefit of these newlywed two
So what else could they possibly do?
But recommend Christy with the highest regard!

Christy Kinnaird is the type of agent that every first-time homebuyer looks for, but only a select few ever find. She works tirelessly for her clients to the point where you will question how she can have other clients simultaneously, as she dotes on your real estate needs 24/7. She will shatter your previously conceived notions of the limits of human endurance, as we’re both certain she has evolved beyond the need for sleep. If we were more musically inclined we would have written a song singing Christy’s praises! However, this poem will have to do.

The Alexanders



Recently engaged and growing tired of apartment life, my fiancé and I decided that we were going to start the search for our first home. I wanted a dream house in Ballard and my fiancé wanted a home somewhere convenient to both of our jobs and our social activities. Christy was the best person and agent that could have come into our lives at this time. Christy showed us a lot of houses and townhouses, and did it all with a lot of energy, love, and charisma. We weren’t sure exactly when we wanted to buy, but decided that when we found the right place it would be the right time. Christy kindly led us on our house search, calming our worries about our inexperience with house buying and assuring us we would be“kissing a lot of frogs” before we found our prince charming. There wasone house early 2013-12-18 18.31.41on I fell in love with and I neglected all of its bad aspects. Christy was the first one to point out that the house was not as perfect as I was saying and that she did not think that it was the right fit for us. She was SO correct! Christy really has a knack for knowing what is the perfect home fit for you. She will stick with you to insure that you are finding the right home. She holds your hand when and if you need it but she can also be a little tough to you when the time is right! She felt more like a friend who knew what we needed than what I imagined a real estate agent would be like, and always made us feel like shewas looking out for our interests. She made us feel comfortable with the whole new, exciting, and scary process. Throughout the whole process she is been such a huge support! We could not be happier with Christy and her services and we highly highly recommended her to anyone that we know!”

– Emmy and Rob. Ballard.



“Once upon a time, in a land far to the north and west, where the trees stay evergreen and the gray-mist gives way to the sun, there lived a boy who yearned to be the king of his own castle. This boy had traversed across many different lands, from the burning deserts of Arabia to the freezing snows of the arctic tundra, and in every place was forced to pay tribute to the evil kings of those kingdoms for a small room in their castles. None of these places seemed like a place the boy wanted to have his own castle, until he arrived to that magic kingdom in the north and west, where the coffee is forever hot and strong.The boy loved this magical kingdom and said to himself, “This is where I shall buy my castle!”. The boy was enthralled by the idea of his own castle and began to look immediately for his castle in the sky. However, trying to find his castle in the sky was filled with perilous traps and unscrupulous people. He was initially seduced by the dreaded Trulia Monster, with its alluring and hypnotic pictures of beautiful castles, only to find out they were sold for a king’s ransom 2 fortnights before. The boy was downtrodden and adrift, not knowing which way to turn to find his castle in the sky. He was about to give up on his castle in the sky when a friendly, fair-haired giant told him about a magical fairy-god-realtor that could help him find his castle in the sky. The boy decided to try and find this fairy-god-realtor to2013-04-01 12.06.03 see if she could help him find his castle in this magical kingdom.The friendly, fair-haired giant took the boy by the hand and led him to this magical fairy-god-realtor and within minutes, the boy knew that he had found his fairy-god-realtor! The friendly, fair-haired giant was right, she was magical. She listened to the boy and took the time to understand what he wanted in his castle in the sky. She knew how to slay the evil Trulia Monsters and the unscrupulous sky castle sellers, she was perfect! The boy’s new fairy-god-realtor clicked her heels thrice and whisked him to his first castle in the sky. With her magic smart phone she opened door after door for him to see the castles available in the sky. Moon after moon passed, with the fairy-god-realtor looking for the boy’s perfect castle in the sky. Never a cross word uttered, never a pushy sales pitch given, always positive and always insistent on finding the boy’s perfect castle in the sky. Finally on the 3rd moon of their search, the boy found his perfect castle in the sky. This was not the end of his fairy-god-realtor’s work though. She was insistent on making sure the boy understood and felt comfortable working with the evil castle sellers and financers to buy his castle in the sky. So after 3 full moons, the boy finally had the keys to his perfect castle in the sky thanks to his fairy-god-realtor. She never left his side and was now not only his fairy-god-realtor but was also his friend. Christy Kinnaird was and continues to be my fairy-god-realtor. She stood by me through my entire purchase and made sure that as a first time condo buyer, that I understood all of the ins and outs of my purchase. She is a consummate professional and will most definitely be my realtor of choice. I unequivocally, and without hesitation, recommend Christy Kinnaird to be your fairy-god-realtor.”ll Best

-Jeremy Glover – Belltown



“Christy inspires others to be as passionate and energetic about their lives and careers as she is. She is one of the rare agents that is committed to genuinely knowing the personalities and needs of her clients, and then passing this knowledge on to others involved in the real estate process. With this knowledge we are able to meet and exceed the needs of her clients on an individual level, helping them through the transaction and ensuring that they never feel like they have been left in the dark.”

-Destiny Boyer, Escrow Coordinator at GPS Escrow



“Christy is, quite simply, impressive. Very impressive. As genuine as they get, you almost instantly sense the love for her work and clients that Christy has. She’s very kind and has others’ best interests at heart, a rarity in real estate. She seems to have an instinctual “feel” for the right fit for her clients. If you’re looking for an agent who you can feel truly comfortable with, it’s Christy.From a work standpoint, she has a ton of energy, is persistent, knowledgeable, and above all else, dependable. She is excellent with communication throughout the entire process and was great about keeping me up to date and informed as well as working with me on scheduling. I can’t say enough good things about working with her to handle my townhome this past year. Meet with Christy, I can almost guarantee you’ll like her.”

-Jeff H, Capitol Hill



“Christy worked with me to purchase my first condo and was amazing every step of the way. From the start, she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful as I learned how the home buying process works and began my search. Her willingness to answer my questions, explain anything I had overlooked, and respond to my (many) emails at all hours of the day had no limits. If I found a property that wasn’t the best fit, she would point out the warning signs and offer explanations so I knew what to look for as our search continued. I cannot express how lucky I was to have Christy as my realtor – I was on the hunt for a condo at the same time as a few friends and coworkers, and I learned so much from Christy that I was able to help my friends as well! Her attention to what really matters to the buyer is really a top priority – each place she showed me mentioned what matched my needs and what didn’t. In properties that I liked, she was firm that I sleep on it, even when I was ready to jump in and put in an offer. Her patience while waiting for me to absolutely love a place kept us going past a few properties that I know wouldn’t have made me as happy as the condo I ended up with.

IMAG1491Once I found the condo I was interested in and the application process started, we came across a few roadblocks with the lender and some tight deadlines with the seller. Without Christy’s dedication to getting the purchase accomplished, I wonder if everything would have worked out. Her dedication and communication each step of the way allowed us to keep up with all the necessary deadlines, even when the third parties we were working with weren’t moving at our desired pace. The genuine enthusiasm she holds for helping her clients find their new home is very clear – she enjoys her work and makes an otherwise stressful process become an exciting adventure.

Christy is one of the most genuine and kind people you’ll ever meet, professionally or otherwise. Her goal is to make sure you find the perfect home for yourself, and she is available anytime you need to see a property, get some input, or just chat. Her excitement for offer acceptance, signing, and handing over the keys to my new property was at par with my own, and I can’t imagine having gone through this process with anyone else. She’s definitely someone I’ve already started recommending to friends and will continue to do so!”

-Anna M., Northgate



“My wife and I were the worst kind of clients. As first-time home buyers, we had no idea what we were doing. We didn’t know what we wanted, we didn’t know what was available, our requirements were vague and contradictory, we were pushy and demanding, yet indecisive and wishy-washy. In spit of all that, Christy found us the perfect house, we got a great deal, and we couldn’t be more pleased. She not only shepherded us through the process, she made it enjoyable.

Christy knows the Seattle real estate market inside and out. She has more energy than anyone else I know, and a work ethic that would put a lump in the throat of a stern New England Calvinist. And she loves her work – she’s not punching a clock or making a quota, IMAG1037she truly loves this stuff. And just happy, upbeat, optimistic, friendly – even when she was twisting someone’s arm on our behalf, she was so friendly and polite that not even they could get angry at her.

Most importantly, I think, is that her priority was finding the perfect house for us. Often that meant listening to what we said we were looking for. It often meant gauging our reaction to a place she showed us. She told us time and time again during our long search that she would not let us buy a place if she did not see the “I LOVE IT” face. She reminded us that houses are like busses – new ones come along all the time. In addition, Christy constantly kept our budget and criteria in mind. When we requested to look at places that were above our original stated budget, she would first walk us through the numbers, so that we could see how it would impact us, which we really appreciated.

Christy comes with our highest recommendation. She is a pleasure to work with and her enthusiasm is unmatched! Her dedication to client satisfaction is amazing. She does not try to push you into a property she wants to sell, she will find the property that you want to buy.”

– The Egees, Greenwood



VJ“Working with Christy was great. As a first time buyer I was basically clueless and needed a lot of help. Additionally with me knowing what place I was most interested in, it made it a special case.

Christy was able to help me through everything, dealing with a lot of difficulties, even convincing the building to change their insurance policy just to make this deal happen. She is super prompt in responding and communicates in the way best preferred by anyone.

I also know a couple of other very satisfied customers of hers due to which I can definitely say that she’s amazing to work with, super prompt and the easiest way to get into home ownership.”

– Vaibhav J. Seattle, WA