According to the data, the time is NOW (and the next 2 months).


Supply and Demand.   It seems simple, but supply and demand is a HUGE driver of the Seattle real estate market.   When supply most exceeds demand, the buyers have the upper hand.  When demand is closest to (or exceeds) supply, the sellers have the upper hand.  Seattle real estate has distinct seasonal trends.   Let’s look at the relationship between houses for sale (supply), and pending properties (demand) over the last few years in Seattle:


Houses and Townhouses:

 The blue line is the number of homes for sale, and the yellow line is the number of pending listings.  Those lines are closest (therefore indicating most favorable seller conditions) in March and December of 2019.   Our Spring market historically starts in April, but last year it started much earlier than normal, with early March being the peak.  This year, we are seeing the Spring market start EVEN earlier, with demand exceeding supply here in January 2020.  Seattle home prices also trend up from January til July, so you will likely sell your home for more money in the Spring!


 As you can see, condos have a lot more supply (compared to demand) than houses do.  The gap was smallest in April 2019, and is smaller now than it has been since then.  The condo market is more balanced than the house market, but if you want to face the least amount of competition and a large number of potential buyers, March and December will likely be the best months in 2020 to sell your condo. 

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